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Hello everyone!

Another month has passed by and we are now at the last month of the year. Isn’t it amazing how time flies so fast?  We are almost saying goodbye to 2020, a year full of the unexpected happenings. 

The Christmas holidays is always an exciting time for our family. A time full of traditions for us, from attending Christmas Mass to exchanging gifts and multiple Christmas parties. But the most important part for this special holiday for us is to bond with our family and friends and create happy memories together. Though this year might be a unique Christmas Celebration with all the pandemic restrictions, we can celebrate the happy occasion virtually.

According to PWC’s 2020 Canadian Holiday Outlook report, Canadians would spend an average of $1,104 on holiday shopping. Now, the question we need to be asking ourselves is how do we win the holiday overspending war? According to Forbes, there are ways we can do to manage our holiday spending.

  1. Change our mental perspective. Giving gifts overtime creates a sense of obligation for us and we might feel pressured to give a gift in return for someone who has given us a gift. To overcome this cycle we should stay away from mindless buying and giving and focus more on the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts.
  2. Build a Budget. It is important to create a budget or a limit before we even spend a cent on gifts. Decide the total amount of money you can comfortably spend then list down the number of people you want to give a meaningful gift to. This will give you an idea how much you can spend on each person’s gift.
  3. Go for group gifts. Celebrating Christmas with Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way of overcoming a growing list of gift recipients. This way we are not pressured to give everyone a gift and at the same time keep the tradition of giving and receiving gifts during this holidays.
  4. Buy with points and find the best deals and discounts. We can make our budget go further by finding discounts and deals on the things that we are planning to buy as gifts. Google and many apps like ShopSavvy can be our friend when we are looking for all the best deals and discounts. Another great way of buying gifts is using your rewards points that you have accumulated the entire year.
  5. Start planning for the next year’s spending. It’s never to early for us to start saving for the next year’s Christmas holiday spending. Saving ahead of time prevents us from using our credit cards irresponsibly and stack a lot of consumer debt – which we do not want.

Our Real Estate update: We have attended the REIN 2020 Summit. In the summit we learned from experienced economist who talked about where economy is going and how it impacts the world of real estate investing. We have significantly grown our network of realtors, mortgage agents/brokers,  general contractors, and investors. We are also excited to have new investors on board who we are collaborating with to make sure we achieve their financial goals. Such an amazing month we had and looking forward to another fruitful month ahead.

As we celebrate the holiday season, we wish you all good health and happiness. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love,






Real-Estate Tips for Assisting Millennials Buying Their First Homes

Right now may seem to be one of the worst possible times for millennials to invest in their first-ever homes. And yet, the real estate market is booming for millennials. According to Realtor.com’s 2020 Housing Market Predictions, millennials will comprise the largest percentage of home buyers this year. This shouldn’t seem too surprising, as the millennial age group is currently the largest generation within the American population — except for the fact that millennials are infamous for preferring renting over buying.

Securing first-time homebuyers in the millennial generation should be at the top of a real estate agent’s priority list according to this recent data. Here are three tips to help millennial first-time home buyers complete a successful purchase that they feel good about. https://tinyurl.com/y3y5y338








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